Crossfit Workouts and the Ramblings of a Man seeking complete Sanctification. Romans 12:1 “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable before God, which is our spiritual worship.”

Goals for Crossfit

The trainer I worked with on Friday asked me my goals for Crossfit. Being the arrogant twirp I am at times, I stated with great confidence, I want to compete in a Crossfit Game. To make the picture all the more poignant, imagine yourself as the trainer staring at an overweight Asian guy stating that his goal was to participate in the Olympics but not just any Olympic event, mind you, but the grand daddy of them all, the Triathlon.

My coach being the positive sort, stopped short of laughing in my face. She just smiled at me and nodded her head and moved the conversation into another direction. At the moment, I was a little crushed because I was for sure thinking I was going to get a round of applause and a hard slap on the back. Here I was shooting for the stars, nothing was going to hold me back. Isn’t that awesome???

After going home and thinking about the ridiculous picture that the situation rendered, I realized that the goal was a mite pretentious of me. Though major goals are great, and shooting for the sky is admirable, the reality is that there are milestones to achieve before one reaches the goal. What I should have stated to the trainer was that my goals for this coming year were three milestone PR’s.

1. Participate in a Tough Mudder event.

2. Participate in a 5K and achieve a time of under 25 minutes.

3. Participate in a local Crossfit competition in the Rx Division.

So these are far more reasonable then my lofty goal of trying to go to the games. In reality, that may never happen, but in the end if I can achieve the possibility of becoming very healthy and fit, an example to people around me, and a better servant of Christ, then in reality I could care less about PR’s. (However, if I catch a few PR’s along the way, that would be alright too!!)

The lesson I learned today was that shooting for the stars is great, as long as you count the baby steps it takes to get there. The reason why I have failed so many times before, in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, (besides Crossfit) is because I burned myself out on unreasonable goals. Take the time and write down your goals and begin counting the baby steps it’s going to take to get there.


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